[Snort-users] manual access to ACID databases

Susan Kay Coulter skc at ...440...
Wed Oct 10 08:33:14 EDT 2001

I periodically removed the nimda alerts by using a Perl/mysql dbi script.
If you are comfortable with perl, it is pretty simple to download the mysql dbi
and write a script to clear out alerts by signature, time frame, etc.  I have
found it extremely useful - and use it to archive alerts on a monthly basis.
It is much faster than using ACID, and you can start up the script when you
leave at the end of the day and let it run - or run it as a cronjob during your
slowest traffic period.  ( Of course this does require becoming familiar with
the db design and knowing the relation between the tables.)  

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> Subject: [Snort-users] manual access to ACID databases
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> recent nimda shenanigans has apparently overloaded my
> ACID database with 10s of thousands (probably a few
> hundred thousand) alerts that I don't want.  The initial
> ACID display doesn't come up (the mysqld process simply
> chugs away for over an hour).
> I'd like to go into the mysql database and use SQL to
> delete the records manually, but I'm concerned that
> I'll leave the database equivalent of broken links around
> if I make a mistake.
> Has anyone else successfully dealt with something like this?
> If manual access is an option, what is the command to use to
> get rid of say, all alerts with "outgoing admin.dll" in them?
> Or, maybe I've got something misconfigured.  Any advice would
> be appreciated.  
> Benny

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