[Snort-users] Deploying snort - Feedback reqd

Shane Machon shane at ...2397...
Tue Oct 9 17:16:12 EDT 2001


I am fairly new to snort, after running it up on some development
servers I see its massive potential for our network servers. 

Im looking for feedback or case studies from people who have this sort
of scenario:

Ive got 6 sensors that I want to run snort on, and report to a central
system (either db or syslogd).

I just have some simple questions would like some feedback on.

1. Im guessing (very roughly) I would get aproximately 100+ alerts per
remote server per day (This is almost impossible to guess as snort is
not running on these machines yet). How much traffic would this generate
on the remote computer? (Traffic comes at a cost ;)
Are we just talking kilobytes of data or potentially megabytes of data?
Is there some sort of calculation that I could use to work this out
based on the approximation above (average bytes sent to a db for each

2. What is the best way of analysing the data? Would ACID be the best
solution (based on there only being 1 Sysadmin to maintain all these
servers)? Or has anyone run an email type solution that uses syslog and
other programs (like logcheck perhaps) to send the sysadmin messages
when the alert file is updated?

I hope many others have been in this situation, and I hope that these
people can provide me with their success stories on deploying snort.


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