[Snort-users] Rules automatic update

Andreas Östling andreaso at ...236...
Mon Oct 8 00:10:03 EDT 2001

On Sunday 07 October 2001 16.00,  alex at ...3156... wrote:
> How I can configure my snort to download each day a list of rules,
> updating the sensor automaticaly?
> Thanks.
> Alex
> Brazil

There are some scripts that can help you with this.
Try http://www.snort.org/downloads.html or

Having a script running daily or so that will notify you of 
new/modified/deleted rules is very convenient, but the local rule sets 
should not be updated without your attention (IMO).

Also note that the CVS checkouts of the Snort rules available from
www.snort.org may sometimes only work with snort-current.

By the way, it's probably a good tip to say that you shouldn't spend too
much time trying to grab the latest rules from www.whitehats.com 


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