[Snort-users] Spamming

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The Funniest part in this, in my use of both Exim and Qmail, misconfiguration in either case 
should be near impossible.  As for Qmail, it's not easy in itself to get it to relay, but if you don't 
configure it, it doesn't relay.

As for Exim, if it's not configured to relay, it won't.  And has very simple configuration format, with

 host_accept_relay = ip addresses or subnets allowed to relay.

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> > in fact it had better stats in a recent survey then sendmail or Qmail
> > with regards to being spam relays
> False.
> You're talking about the fact that Postfix has only a small fraction of
> the SMTP servers in ORDB. qmail, for example, has nearly 8 times more.
> You're ignoring the fact that Postfix has only a small fraction of the
> SMTP servers on the Internet. qmail, for example, has 11 times more.
> Dividing these two numbers produces a much more sensible measurement of
> the misconfiguration frequency for common SMTP servers:
>    178 Microsoft products
>    128 IMail
>     52 Sendmail
>     23 Exim
>     18 NTMail
>     15 Postfix
>     10 qmail
>      8 smap
> ---Dan

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