[Snort-users] whitehats.com still down?

Chris Green cmg at ...671...
Fri Oct 5 15:18:02 EDT 2001

"David Hekimian" <David_Subscriptions at ...3643...> writes:

> Saad,
> BTW: I'm also  looking for any information regarding a possible mirror of
> Arachnids database

There isn't one.

> and Snort rules.


There has been a *LOT* of work done, primarily by Brian to get a very
nice set of rules done for Snort with good contents and pretty well
set defaults and references with pointers to other places than just

Whitehat's was a nice resource but as of late, it's not been the right
place to get a good ruleset.  People should try migrating to the
snort.org rules.

There are new rules added on atleast a weekly basis.  There just isn't
a nice web interface to go along with that at the moment.
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