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Thu Oct 4 16:23:03 EDT 2001

To all Windows users of Snort:
Please read all the notices below.
Here at Silicon Defense we have tried our best to keep our Windows users
up to date with all the latest updates to Snort including the latest CVS
releases. We are also trying to help you have multiple choices as to the
software you would prefer to run.
We know there are concerns out there as to the stability of IIS and all
the hoopla surrounding the possible security leaks in that system. We
are addressing that issue now. We have completed the how-to
documentation on installing the Apache Webserver in place of IIS on your
Windows Snort sensor. We hope that this will be beneficial and hopefully
create a safer environment using Snort.
This new Apache installation procedure is only available at this time
for ACID, but look for Apache to be added to the remaining installations
in the near future. We have also added the graphing ability of ACID to
this installation, and graphing will add it to the other installations
in the near future.
Notice to all our clients: We will ONLY be supporting the RELEASE
version of Snort 1.7.1 & 1.8.1 at this time. This includes the new
Apache installation process.
Link to Downloads:
Link to Documentation:
Happy Snorting, and remember - We ARE the #1 provider of Snort Support,
in the world.
          Commercial Snort Support
Silicon Defense - www.silicondefense.com
Michael Steele - Snort Support Technician
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