[Snort-users] barnyard to db

Andrew R. Baker andrewb0x29a at ...131...
Thu Oct 4 08:51:06 EDT 2001

--- Jed Pickel <jed at ...153...> wrote:
> * Alert / Log - I'm not interested in maintaining a separate database
>   plugin for each logging facility. In beta2 there was no way to
>   connect an output plugin to more than one input type. As it stands,
>   I connect only to "log".

There is a *very* simple way to do this actually.  You call
RegisterOutputPlugin twice.  Once as type "log" and once as type "alert". 
There is nothing restricting you from associating the same functions with
multiple configuartions of a plugin.  However, you will have to have
seperate NAMES for both of them.


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