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Franki frankieh at ...2806...
Thu Oct 4 07:13:02 EDT 2001

yeah, I did that too with logcheck, and now it nightly emails me 5 mb lists
of deny rules...

it used to be ok when there was only a thousand lines or so, but this is



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Of ACID,  I know not..

It's a GUI-based front end for analysis, but snort is very happy without it.

I don't use ACID at all (heh.. haven't for 25 years.. oops.. hmm.)

Depending on your command line, and the settings in snort.conf, snort
will log where ever you tell it to..

Logcheck (the logcheck from Abacus/Psionic, anyway..) just watches what
gets put out by syslog and acts according to what it's been told to
monitor, and how it's been told to respond.

I use logcheck to email my firewall DENY's and snort alerts to several
other boxes on my network

- John

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Brent wrote:

> OK i got it running by editing the local.rules file to reflect my
> network....anywho ...is ACID the GUI for snort ??
> or does snort just report to syslog ???  or logcheck ?? or what ??
> Brent
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>>ok ...but doesnt this defeat the purpose of haveing a local.rules
> file....i
>>know that its a set of rules for the local network...but how should
>>configure it ??  is there a referrence to go by ??  besides the
>>local.rules.sample that comes with the port
>>thank you for your replies
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>>>Try commenting the offending line in snort.conf out, thusly:
>>># include local.rules
>>>- John

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