[Snort-users] ACID/SQL performance issues

Jim Howard Jim.Howard at ...2728...
Wed Oct 3 11:47:04 EDT 2001

Hi folks, just wondered if there was anyone addressing the performance of
the SQL calls from ACID.  I have a 200,000 entry snort database in MySQL.
Of this, some 90k are from nimda infected machines (not my own thankyou.).
I changed the timeout value from the default 30 seconds to 3600 (yes, 1
hour), and it is still timing out when trying to manipulate this sql call.
I am trying to take these records and move them to the archive database.  I
also tried just plain deleting them.  Both fail.  I optomized all the tables
before trying, as well.  I haven't added any of the optional indexes, as I
am fairly new to MySQL, and haven't had time to look up how to add them..
would this help?

The machine is a P-II 350mhz with 256 meg RAM, running snort 1.8.1, MySQL,
and ACID b13.  I saw one other post where the person wrote some of their own
SQL, just to make sure it wasn't a problem in MySQL.  I really like the ACID
interface, for presentation, and ease of use...  Is there anything we can do
to increase performance?  I would be willing to donate some testing time if
it would help.  I don't know a lot of SQL though.

ACID .9.6b13
MySQL Ver 11.15 Distrib 3.23.41
snort 1.8.1
adodb 1.12


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