[Snort-users] WhiteHats?

Franki frankieh at ...2806...
Wed Oct 3 00:38:03 EDT 2001

how did they catch him???

wonder if they will ever catch the nimda author....



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On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 10:20:34AM -0400, Dominick, David wrote:
: I assume that most of you know about www.eff.org . Just in case though, I
: wanted to remind people that freedom is a fragile thing.

Let's be real though folks.  Max DID commit a crime.  I could probably 
find sympathy for him IF he hadn't left the code in his version of
the worm that installed the backdoors.  So, he's a whitehat, closing 
the BIND holes, but still installing other backdoors while he's at it?
I've got a problem with that...

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