[Snort-users] RE: (Snort-users) multiple snorts to 1 mysql database

Hawk X huhawk at ...125...
Tue Oct 2 12:03:51 EDT 2001

another approach would be:

mysql> grant all privileges on snort.* to snort at ...3658... identified
by 'NOT';

the syntax is like:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on 'database'.'tables' to 'user'@'host' identified by

and yes, you can use wildcards in 'host' and 'user' :
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on mydb.* to 'mydb_user'@'%' identified by
it gives all priv. to user mydb_user connecting from any machine (use with
caution!) with password 'guesswhat'

Of course snort database plugin doesn't need all privileges, SELECT and
INSERT are enough. I highly recommend typing 'info mysql' at your *nix
prompt, 'cos the docs are really well maintained, and you could find
almost everything under *REFERENCES.

        Gergely Szilagyi
        email: gergely at ...3671...

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