[Snort-users] mysql database/tables needed by ACID

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Fri Nov 30 04:21:04 EST 2001

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Hi Neil,

if i remember correctly (can't check right now) it's included with
ACID. I remember adding a user 'snort' with which snort could log to
the MySQL database. I found adding a user was much easier by using
phpMyAdmin than using mysql directly (god, i hate that command-line
The necessary snort database tables were created by importing them
from the file supplied with the snort source (i used the CVS source).
The ACID tables were then added by importing the file supplied with
ACID, but this is all described in the docs supplied with ACID.

Hope this helps just a little,

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> Hi dudes,
> I'm almost done with the ACID installation. All that is left for me
> to do is the tables in snort_log. Can someone give me a script to
> create the snort_log database use by ACID including permission?
> Thanks.
> Neil

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