[Snort-users] ODBC unable to connect

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Fri Nov 30 04:06:13 EST 2001

Dear list,

I have a problem using Snort with UnixODBC support:

- I have successfully created the snort db structure in my DB as described in
  the contrib/create_mssql file.

- I have installed and configured the client/server application from EasySoft
  (odbc/odbc bridge), with a UnixODBC bundled for my Linux box.

- Using the "isql" command I successfully connect to my RDBMS database 
  (SQL Server 2000). I can run both read and write queries.

- I have successfully compiled snort with the "--with-odbc=<unixODBC dir>"
  configure option.

- I have modified the snort.conf:
     output database: alert, odbc, user=<xxx password=yyy dbname=zzz
     (exactly the same arguments used in the isql command)

- When I run snort (snort -c snort.conf), I see the following error msg:
     database: ODBC enable to connect
     Fatal Error, Quitting.

Any tip?

Thank you very much in advance.

Marco Coppolino.

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