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I think you are really asking how to speed up ACID.  I posted a shell script
to optimize MySQL tables....check the archives.  I have seen significant
speed improvements after running it.

Jason Lewis
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	Yet another question about Snort and Speed.  I am now running Snort
on a Dual PIII 1.13 Ghz system with 256 MB of ram and a pair of 40 GB ATA
100 drive mirrored with a hardware controller.  I am using this system as a
test to see if it runs quicker.  The main page seems to open quicker, but
when I do queries like list by source IP and then sort by number of
occurrences, it still takes a long time to bring this up.  Now I know that
IDE drives are not the 100% best to use in server type applications, but I
was wondering if anyone has any ideas.  I am running snort 1.8.2, Acid
v0.9.6b18, and ADODB 1.54.  I currently have 31,336 alerts in the database.
Any thoughts?

Mike Walter,
3z.net a PCD Company,
PCD Network Solutions, Inc,
"When Success the Only Solution  t h i n K  3z.net"

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