[Snort-users] Starting out: Question

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I assume you've read the links here:
and already have Snort installed.  Mr. Roesch has some great documentation
on the process for installing onto the Win32 platform.

If you're asking what I think you are, you're trying to find out where to
enter specific command line parameters for running Snort.  If you followed
the install above you should have a registry key similar to below:
The "AppParameters" key is where I enter my command line parameters and it
works for me.

For what parameters you want or need, the standard Snort documentation
should be sufficient.

Happy Snorting!


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I am bringing up snort on a W2k Prof. box.   The faq or the doc.
neither specify exactly how to exactly begin.  Where are commands
entered and such.  I am open to RTFM if you can tell me where
to get these specific instructions.


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