[Snort-users] Rule management

Matthias Hofherr Matthias_Hofherr at ...1344...
Wed Nov 28 23:21:02 EST 2001

On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Blake Frantz wrote:

> >
> > We at GeNUA are currently working on a project to manage all rules on a
> > Central Server in a MySQL-DB. The basic ruleset is managed in a master
> > table, the individual changes to the rules per sensor in another.
> demarc does this alredy, check out http://www.demarc.org

That's right.
But I like the Unix approach:
One tool for one probem.

Demarc tries IMHO to incorporate too much in one product.
Additionally, demarc is not GPL, so not what I need/want.

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