[Snort-users] mysql on win32

Roman Danyliw roman at ...438...
Wed Nov 28 05:44:02 EST 2001

It would appear that MySQL is not compiled into this version
of the distributions.

Try the following URL:



On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Ali Zaree wrote:

> I just joined the mailing list, so I hope this question hasn't been
> asked/answered before. I looked through the archive and couldn't find
> anything about it:

> Is there a mysql version of snort 1.8.2 for Windows?  I've got it
> working great for linux clients but when try the binary from the snort
> download page on a windows box I get:
> <snip>
> >database: compiled support for ( )
> >database: configured to use mysql
> >database: mysql support is not compiled in this copy
> ...
> >Fatal Error, Quitting..
> Thnx in advance,
> Ali Zaree

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