[Snort-users] Re: Snort Wizard comming soon!

Alex Rodrigues alex at ...3156...
Tue Nov 27 08:14:14 EST 2001

Yes, I have webmin installed with my snort and I like, but I was looking for
some software more userfrendly to use,  especially  about rules management.
Will be something like ACID software and should be ease to install and use.
Alex, Brazil

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> I'm working at a PHP based software, to:
> - manage my snort
> - manage rules
> - autoupdate rules (like symantec liveupdate)
> - Rules Import/export
> - Rules edit using web
> - Rules merge
> - Rules discart (false positive minimizer)
> - snort.conf user frendly editor
> - classification file editor (userfrendly)
> - rules and rules files organizer
> - multiple snort sensord
> Will be called "Snort Wizard" and should be availabe in 3 months I
> guess.

Well... There already is a module for WebMin to manage Snort rules... It
be a source of inspiration.

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