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although it's running on W2k I'm using IDS Policy Manager (www.activeworks.com)
to manage my linux sensors which can create updates using the actual
snortrules.tar.gz file from www.snort.org and MERGE both the rule files and the
classification.config changes to the existing policy without touching
slef-defined or adjusted rules which in my case saves me a huge amount of time.

With IDSPM you can create one policy for n sensors or a separate policy for each
sensor with the ability (among others) to do bulk-downloads or update each
sensor separately. The download can be down via ftp or scp (recommended ;)

What's still missing is the ability to restart the sensor but this is on the
todo list, but this this can not be done automatically.

I also was looking for an open source solution for linux but nothing apropriate
could be found, but IDSPM works fine for me now, and maybe the author will
publish the source code (*wink* to Jeff ;)

Maybe not what you would like to hear.

So long,

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> Betreff: [Snort-users] Rule management
> I was thinking about all the requests for automatic rule
> updates.  I think
> this stems from the anti-virus auto update features.  The
> thinking is....the
> more up to date the sigs are, the better off you are.
> What we really need is a rule management tool.  IDScenter
> does some of this,
> but it runs on Win2k.  (You can manage linux sensors too)
> Is anyone updating a master rule list and pushing updates to
> sensors?  I
> have tossed around different ideas for doing this and thought
> maybe I could
> get some feedback here.  I was thinking a directory structure that had
> folders for each sensor and rules were updated automatically via scp.
> Thoughts?
> Jason Lewis
> http://www.packetnexus.com
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