[Snort-users] Linux of FreeBSD

Chris Green cmg at ...671...
Mon Nov 26 08:28:07 EST 2001

"Olav Langeland" <Olav.Langeland at ...2038...> writes:

> I am seeking advice on what is best suited for Snort use, Linux or
> FreeBSD. It will monitor either a dual E3 link (currently at 50%
> capacity) or a single port producing about 30-40Mbit. Will Debian Linux
> handle this kind of traffic without problem, or is FreeBSD a better
> choice? The machine in question is P3-800, 512MB Ram and SCSI raid.

Out of the box, FreeBSD gives you packet loss stats that will help
guide tuning your snort process and the same stats are fairly new to
the linux port of pcap.
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