[Snort-users] IDS Group Test

Bob Walder bwalder at ...3902...
Mon Nov 26 04:20:05 EST 2001

OK, with some trepidation I would like to announce that our latest IDS Group
test report is now available in full on our web site (ducks and runs....)

It can be found at htttp://www.nss.co.uk/ids

Please note, that you will be asked to register in order to view and
download the reports (there are also updates to our PKI and Vulnerability
Assessment reports) but there is no sinister ulterior motive behind this.
None of the details are ever passed on to third parties, and if you don't
check the "mailing list" box you will never even hear from US again (even if
you DO check the box you will probably never hear from us again....;o)

We simply monitor the registrations to see how many downloads there have
been and try to get some feel for locations, business types, etc, etc. We
then use that knowledge to determine which projects are worth repeating in
the future (a LOT of work goes into these). All blank or nonsensical
registrations are simply deleted and never counted - too few remaining
registrations means the report may never be updated. Hopefully, not too much
to ask....

Finally, for those of you who don't like reading forewords and
introductions, I should just explain that we are aware that one or two of
the entries are not as up to date as we might like. Not all vendors who
participated last year were able to do so again this year, for various
reasons. Some were simply not able to get latest product to us in time - we
will be looking at RealSecure 7 and CA eTrust 1.5 Q1 next year, for example
(along with some other new entries that cannot be announced just yet). So
please cut us some slack there....hopefully by next year we can get everyone
participating at the same time against our new methodology.

If you have any suggestions as to who else you think we should try and
include next time (or if you are a vendor and wish to be included) please
let me know.

In the mean time, I hope you all find the report useful and informative.


Bob Walder
The NSS Group

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