[Snort-users] OT: Whitehats Mirrors and Updates

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Sun Nov 25 23:37:02 EST 2001

Disclaimer:  I've used whitehats for quite a while.  It's a nice handy-dandy
shopping center for info on various exploits and such.  This is not an
endorsement, nor is it a slam.  It's a statement of _fact_.

1)  The Feds got Max.  Now, there's no one to 'run' the site.
2)  Now there's no updates.
3)  Since Max was nailed on a 'computer crime' and since Sept. 11 things in
the computer crime arena have changed forever, it's going to be difficult for
him/someone to get Whitehats up to speed.
4)  It can be mirrored, but it will not be _up to date_ mirror.  You'd be
missing over 6 months of 'hax0rtime'.  And yes, that's even faster than Dog
Years.  :)

Short Version:  If WhiteHats is down, don't sweat it.  It wasn't the _ONLY_
reference for things.  It was just one of the best.

Long Version:  Chill.  Wait until Max can get things going again.  Or mirror
it yourself, and hope you've got the entire DB.  :)

I suggest instead of everyone wanting to mirror a site that might be forced to
shutdown due to a whim of the Feds, that you build your own.  :)   C'mon, it's
not that hard!  ;-)   ( And, yes I am teasing--Sorta! :-)

Just trying to be a voice of reason....

Erek Adams

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