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Thu Nov 22 02:06:02 EST 2001

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001 04:34:23 -0500 Jason Lewis <jlewis at ...2449...> wrote:

> I am looking to create a script that runs from cron that summarizes info
> from the DB and then emails the report.  I thought I would see if anyone is
> doing anything like this already.  I know ACID does some of this, but I need
> it to be automated.  I can get email anywhere.
> For ex.
> Top 10 IP's in the DB
> Top 10 Attacks in the DB
> Top 10 Attacks in the last hour
> That kind of stuff.  I would really like some kind of intelligent pattern
> matching, but I need to start somewhere to decide what exactly I want.  I
> only have a vague idea and I think doing this report would help me figure
> out what would be useful and what is noise.
> Ideas, input, comments, am I crazy?

Well i'm working on a perlscript that generates pages like this with nice
pie graphs and stuff. When it's ready I will post a link. 

> Jason Lewis
> http://www.packetnexus.com
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