[Snort-users] Snort on Linux Help

David Wilkeson davelist at ...4123...
Wed Nov 21 12:40:05 EST 2001

I've been running Snort on a Windows platform on and off for some time so I 
am fairly well versed in Snort itself.  I recently decided to set up a 
permanent Snort box, and decided that Linux would be better suited for this 
application.  Well, I've got everything set up and running and I am testing 
by having Snort log everything, but I can't get Snort to see anything with 
a destination address other than an Ethernet broadcast address (.255), the 
box itself, or any machine that is connecting directly to the linux 
box.  It's not a physical Ethernet problem as it works fine when I plug my 
Windows Snort box into that jack on my switch (I have monitoring mode 
turned on for that switch port).  I think it must be a problem with 
libpcap, but I have uninstalled and reinstalled various versions and 
packages including RPMs and source code.  I've made sure that IPCHAINS is 
disabled.  I am completely out of ideas and my head hurts from beating it 
repeatedly against the wall.  Anyone else have any thoughts?


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