[Snort-users] no ip address on interface

Ronneil Camara ronneilc at ...4042...
Wed Nov 21 08:20:09 EST 2001

Hi Guys,

I'm using openbsd with 2 nics. I didn't assign an ip on my
/etc/hostname.fxp1 but I did on /etc/hostname.fxp0. I tried running
snort but it couldn't see any traffic. This is the command that I run;
snort -D -i fxp1 -l /var/log/snort -c /etc/snort

Do I have to edit or recompile my kernel to add support for something,
like pseudo-device for this to work?
Btw, the content of my hostname.fxp1 is media 10baseT up

and when I ifconfig fxp1, it says, it's UP, PROMISC and so on.

Thanks guys.


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