[Snort-users] win2k and snort error

Lsalas lsalas at ...4119...
Wed Nov 21 07:29:01 EST 2001

Hi guys, yesterday I had a problem with SNORT running on win2k, In my Linux
box , snort is running fine, but i can not get run snort in my win2k system.
I created a folder called c:\log and snort know this folder as my log
folder, because in the command line say the option: -l c:\log , but when I
press the test button snort send this messages in the console.

-= initializing snort=-
[!ERROR] Can not get write access to logging directory "log". (directory
doesn't exist or permission are set incorrectly or it is not a directory at
Fatal error, quitting..

my folder log exist, the permission is fine (write, read) , I am as
administrator, is a directory, I don't understand.
with the version 1.7 - 1.6 snort was running fine, with the new version
1.8 - 1.7 this is not running fine, this messages appear.

Well thank you, and please help me. I am running snort in my 5 linux box,
and need to run snort in my win2k box, es very important for me.

Luis salas
Tech support.

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