[Snort-users] re: Professionalism

Jeff Nathan jeff at ...950...
Tue Nov 20 01:12:02 EST 2001

Mark Rowlands wrote:
> > Mark Rowlands wrote:
> > >      ;-)
> I was being humorous......
> Just in case you don't get it..... I love snort, I use it at home, at work,
> on my laptop even, under FreeBSD and under  Win2k  (when need drives).
> I recommend it's use whenever I can and where it is appropriate.

Groovy.  I get it :) 
> As to professionalism, a much over used term these days, some operating
> systems even describe themselves as "Professional". Shhessh, I'd want to
> avoid that tag.....
> If you were offended, then I apologise, I have nothing but  love and respect
> for all the Snort team.

I wasn't offended, just momentarily annoyed with the situation.

> Feel free to cc this to the snort list if you desire.

Good idea, I didn't mean to single you out or pick on you (especially
since you were making a joke) so I did want to clear that up.

I knew you were being humorous, my stupidass mail client clobbered my
attempt at sending a response which was considerably less curt (sorry
'bout that).  No reason to apologize, it's my forked tongue that can
scathe at times.  


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