[Snort-users] Preferrable location?

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Mon Nov 19 22:13:02 EST 2001

For a) I use this.


For b), one NIC could be used for packet capture and the other for
management (on an isolated subnet).

For c), You are venturing into the OS holy war.  Go with what you know.

Jason Lewis
It's not secure "Because they told me it was secure".
The people at the other end of the link know less 
about security than you do. And that's scary.

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I've got some questions.

a) Where would be the preferrable location of snort box on a network
with firewall (internal, dmz)? Do I need more than 1 snort?
b) What would be the advantage of having 2 nics on a snort box?
c) What o.s. is recommended for snort?



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