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Mon Nov 19 07:05:06 EST 2001

LOL.  This thread frankly, cracks me up.  I can't people have the nerve to
bitch about something that is simply solved by a little sed/grep work or
non-use.  Here's what I envision, Snort[tm] The Puritan Edition.  Click
<here> to download the rules and source code run through the only profanity
checkers approved by the Vatican!  <snicker>

Or how 'bout this.  If your company is so worried about what your IDS
reports to you, don't hire people that explore porno on work hours.... :)

SCORE!  Get the lotion and get off your high horses!  <cackle>

P.S.  If you have no sense of humor, delete this message, or put it through
some wordsmithing app that will make me less offensive... :)

Jeffrey Oxenreider
Senior Network/Security Engineer

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It's always nice to go on the road for a few days because I can almost
always be sure that the [expletive deleted] will hit the fan in one way
or another when I'm travelling and can't respond in an effective manner.

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