[Snort-users] running Snort on W2000:"interface \Device\Packet_NdisWanIp" problem

Matija Exel Matija.Exel at ...4103...
Fri Nov 16 08:06:09 EST 2001


I cannot get started with Snort!  I am on a Windows2000.
There are no messages from the beast:

C:\Program Files\Sourcefire\Snort-1.8.2>snort -v
Log directory = log
         --== Initializing Snort ==--
Initializing Network Interface \
Checking PID path...
PID stat checked out ok, PID set to C:\Program 
Writing PID file to "C:\Program Files\Sourcefire\Snort-1.8.2"
Decoding Ethernet on interface \Device\Packet_NdisWanIp
and then nothing!

I wonder where is this interface information coming from: " interface 
\Device\Packet_NdisWanIp " ?
I am at the same time running successfuly Ethereal from the same box -- 
however I
have the choice of 2 interfaces there:
-- if I choose \Device\Packet_NdisWanIp     I get nothing, as with snort
-- if I choose \Device\Packet_{452B97B2-...} Ethereal runs OK.

Is there any way of configuring this? I don't see anything in snort.conf.

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