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Joshua Wright Joshua.Wright at ...2031...
Thu Nov 15 06:04:07 EST 2001

I really didn't want to get involved in the Professionalism thread, but I
thought I would include some interesting information I received from the Sun
rescue list:

Bill Bradford wrote:
> Remembered these this morning.  Its great what you can find in
> SunSolve if you're bored enough and have a login..
> SunSolve Bug ID: 4102680
> ------------------------
> Problem: stress test gets an XError (BadDrawable) under 2.7
> Workaround: Don't pound on the mouse like a wild monkey (stress test).
> SunSolve Bug ID: 4256482
> -------------------------
> Problem: Banging on keyboard during cde startup causes dtwm hang
> Workaround: Don't bang on the keyboard like a wild monkey
> SunSolve Bug ID: 4317675
> ------------------------
> Problem: swear words in source code comments
> 2600:   /* The code below fucks up if the exponents aren't at least 2 bits
> 27:  ;; Not all of this code has to be '386 code, but STUPID FUCKING MASM
> I know there's more, but thats the only ones I could remember to search
> offhand..
> Bill
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To the administrators of SNORT,

An excerpt from "classification.config" from the most
recent snort rules download.

config classification: kickass-porn,SCORE! Get the

Regardless of your feelings towards porn, this is
beyond unprofessional.  It is this kind of needless
stupidity that makes it that much harder for real
professionals and those they report to to take snort
seriously.  I can tell you that, while I'm not female
and am not personally offended by these remarks, I am
professionally offended, and I've worked in
environments in which comments as "SCORE! Get the
lotion!" would be responded to with immediate

Please keep in mind that not all snort administrators
are recently-pubescent male twenty-something year
olds, and that such unprofessional commentary in your
program does not help the noble cause that is snort. 
It hurts it.


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