[Snort-users] snort 1.8.2 crash on 50Mb traffic with reassembly directive on

Bruno GODARD Bruno.GODARD at ...4082...
Thu Nov 15 02:16:02 EST 2001

During our NIDS tests, we systematicaly have snort 1.8.2 (with or without snmp
and mysql on) which crash under
50 Mb traffic composed of tiny packets of 64 bits. We test it on sun plateform
under solaris 2.7.
We just change "preprocessor stream4_reassemble" options from default to
"both:port all"
We change this option because we would test snort ability to detect  fragmented
attack on heavy traffic.
On a established 50Mb traffic, We start snort, it detects some fragmented
attack, but not all, then after some minutes it crash with a core dump.
On a 25Mb traffic it doesn't crash and detects all fragmented attacks.
Can someone have an explanation of this crash , is snort limited to small
traffic when we ask it to reassemble packet.

Thanks for idea and help


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