[Snort-users] Classification.config file doubt.

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Thu Nov 15 01:32:01 EST 2001

On Thu, 15 Nov 2001, J. C. Woods wrote:

> Erek Adams wrote:
> > Well....  First off:  Upgrade to to 1.8.2  (1.8.3 will be out Real Soon Now!)
> > Secondly:  I'm sorry you are on Linux.  :)  You know you can download Solaris
> > x86 for free....  ;-)

Why of course!!!  :)


Down on the bottom of the page, you'll see a link to Sparc and Intel versions.
Note:  It's about 850mb+ per image.  Have a highspeed link and a CDR.   The
companion CD is also available, as are the 'labels' for the CD's.


Erek Adams

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