[Snort-users] Windows - New CVS Binaries Available - 1.8.3b87 - Read Inside

Michael Steele michaels at ...155...
Wed Nov 14 17:06:11 EST 2001

To all Windows users of Snort:

Please read all the notices below.

Here at Silicon Defense we have undertaken the project of providing you
with the binaries for the RELEASE version of Snort 1.8.2. We will also
do our best to provide you with the latest compiled CVS version of Snort
1.8.3. We will also continue to provide you with all the binaries for
Snort 1.8.1, Snort 1.7.1, and all the necessary support files.

The latest CVS binaries have been compiled and are now available on our
site. There are 5 flavors available:

Snort 1.8.3b87 Release
Snort 1.8.3b87 MySQL Release
Snort 1.8.3b87 MySQL/FlexResp Release
Snort 1.8.3b87 FlxResp Release
Snort 1.8.3b87 MSSQL Release

Notice: There is a NEW and improved LibnetNT.dll that is included with
the Flexible Response binaries. Hopefully this will fix some of the
problems that we were having.

Notice to all our clients: We will ONLY be supporting the RELEASE
versions of Snort 1.7.1, Snort 1.8.1, and Snort 1.8.2 b85 at this time.

Notice to all Windows XP users: We have a patch for WinPcap available
that will allow you to run Snort. This patch is NOT supported by anyone.
We are waiting for an official RELEASE version of WinPcap by the
programmer that will include support for the latest Windows operating
system called "Windows XP". This patch has been working fine for several
weeks and will be located on our download page.

Link to Downloads:

Link to Documentation:

Happy Snorting, and remember - We are the #1 provider for Snort Support,
in the world.


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    Home of the new SENTRUS Snort sensor!
  Michael Steele - Snort Support Technician

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