[Snort-users] Professionalism

Guillaume guillaume at ...4029...
Wed Nov 14 01:26:02 EST 2001


I do not want to feed the troll about Joe complaining about snort's 
professionalism based on a joke in conf files, but I think that 
snort's "professionalism" could be discussed with more benefits for all 
snorters based on things like : 
- having quite as many different ways to define variables as preprocessors;
- having quite as many different output formats as output plugins (annoying 
when you want to centralize logs & analysis methods !!)...

I would just ask Marty : is there or will there be a unified way of defining 
variables in snort main conf file in future snort versions, and are you (when I 
write "you" I mean: snort developpers team, not just Marty !!) planning to 
state about a guideline for all that ?

Best regards.


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