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Guillaume guillaume at ...4029...
Wed Nov 14 01:08:02 EST 2001

En réponse à jmgraham <jmgraham at ...4073...>:

> Trying to get snort running w/ MySQL.
> MySQL is mysql-3.23.42-sun-solaris2.8-sparc running on Solaris8 on a
> sparc5.
> It's not a connection issue, nor even a bitch really.
> The create_mysql script errors out on the Solaris box with "ERROR 1046
> at line 21: No Database Selected".  Same behaviour with the script
> from CVS.
> I'm sure I'll be able to dig thru it and eventually install it by
> hand,just wanted to let everyone know that the script doesn't appear to
> work on Sol8.
> If anyone has one that they've fixed, I'd love to see it.
> Thx


Maybe a silly question : did you create the database before running the 
create_mysql script ?

Best regards.


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