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Tue Nov 13 22:59:02 EST 2001

On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 02:39:00PM -0800, Joe Smith wrote:

> monarch, Mr. Bill Gates.  Many in the corporate world
> have a very negative opinion of open source precisely
> because of what I stated earlier regarding the
> unprofessional nature of open source.  

Astoundingly, most unprofessional code performs better than so called
professional code.

> They will claim
> that the code is "untrustworthy".  This doesn't mean
> it doesn't work (or can be configured to work).  It
> doesn't mean that the programmers are untrustworthy. 

What does it mean then? That the corporate world is made up of
brand-trusting idiots?

> to disqualify a product only because of lubrication
> references, but it does happen and it makes my job (ya
> know, intrusion detection and all that fun stuff) that
> much more difficult.

This is absurd. With open source he CAN look into it and say he doesn't like
the "lubrication reference", but with closed source, he can't -- does that
mean the "lubrication reference" isn't there? No.

> Yes, its free.  Yes, the classification.config file
> can be sed/grepped to do exactly what you want.  And
> yes, its the best thing out there (its superior to
> every IDS I've tested, commercial or non).  All I'm
> asking is for snort to make an effort to present a
> more professional appearance so that corporate
> acceptance is the default, not the exception.

OTOH a simple: "this might be porn" or "pr0n" would suffice...

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