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Well, I can also ask the question "how professional is a person that
uses an email address like shadowm4n at ...131...?". Second, your emails
beg the question of how legitimate is your inquiry, and how much is
based on a troll factor? However, given that Snort was rated third in a
test of the top ten IDS systems (the other 9 were all commercial and
none of this takes into account the additional features added in 1.8.x),
and that costs are minimal to implement compared to a "commercial" IDS,
and given that when I call one of these commercial support centers only
to sit on hold for an hour, then be told an engineer will return my call
which I wait on for an hour, a day or a week, with the final result
being "that'll be fixed in the next version" or "that'll require an
enhancement request" compared to this project where the usual response
is "oh, you need to look at this section of the FAQ" or "oh, you're
right, that fix has been committed to CVS" and all within the space of
minutes or, at most, hours, AND, given that I can look at all the code,
easily create my own signatures, etc., I'll gladly put up with the
developers having a bit of fun.

Mainly though, you just have to remember that OSS is a different
environment from CSS. If I send something to a customer to implement, or
if I do it myself, I do it with the understanding that I may have to do
a bit of "editing" first, depending on the environment it'll be running

OSS isn't right for every environment. In some, it may never gain
acceptance. But for those that are more concerned with ROI and
cost-benefit ratios, I see OSS gaining ground every day.

Best of luck in your endeavors, and don't let the suits get you down.

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Nothing quite like stirring the hornet's nest...

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