[Snort-users] Professionalism

Dragos Ruiu dr at ...381...
Tue Nov 13 17:55:03 EST 2001

I won't mention the big ticket very commercial item that
when you pressed the appropriate star in the starfield of a logo
used to show a picture of a popular support engineer
for the product, with his somewhat inebirated smiling face 
sandwiched in between  two sets of, ahem, entertainer's, 
ahem, endowed breasts.  And  even though the engineers 
and everyone else responsible for that easter egg were 
suitably chastized during one of  the phases of high political 
correctness and it was eventually removed. I think that all 
involved in that antic would agree that it was more fun 
than the noise that had to be suiffered for it. :-)

But this may or may not be, in fact, purely fictional :-)


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