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Tue Nov 13 16:15:03 EST 2001

<one last public comment please, then I go back to lurking>

I'm not really convinced that this *IS* your point when I look back at the
wording of your original message.  It was a trifle more condescending than
this last post.
Why again, does the VP even see this _single_ classification that he will
supposedly judge the whole of the app on?  

I can not speak for the Snort team, but a lot of my friends and I feel there
is more to Open Source than just the idea of "beating" M$ or other vendors.
So why should we adopt the same methods that Open Source would seem (at many
times) to offer an fresh alternative to?  If you do truly want to help out
Open Source then try to learn how to program well and contribute code. This
is exactly what I am trying to do... I understand and agree on your want of
professionalism & of a job properly done.  But I do not think that in this
particular case that it realistically fits.  There are A LOT of lines of
code related to making snort work, you've picked out only one. I can pick
out more unprofessional lines than that from just your post.

Sorry.. <sigh> I suppose I say all this because I fear that someday YOU
might be the VP making these kinds of bad decisions.
It just seems like your missing the forest for the trees.


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Nothing quite like stirring the hornet's nest...

Based on many of the responses I've received, I get
the impression my point has been missed and/or I
didn't state it clearly enough.


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