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Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Tue Nov 13 15:43:12 EST 2001

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Sheahan, Paul (PCLN-NW) wrote:

> I totally agree.....a professional look and feel "out of the box" would
> definitely help a product like this get more immediate acceptance in the
> corporate world. If management gets a first impression that Snort or any
> other open source software is being maintained by a bunch of people who
> aren't serious due to little remarks like this (which you would never see in
> the a commercial package), they will hesitate to bring it into a corporate
> environment. I would love to see the open source world really take off and
> overcome the Microsoft monster, and professionalism out of the box would be
> a good place to start if the developers are serious about competing with the
> commercial apps. Just my 2 cents.....

Commercial products have had  easter eggs, humorus tidbits and the like for as
long as I can recall.  Just because it's commercial it does not mean that it's

A tiny example is Solaris.  Have a look at this humorus little gem:

[erek at ...3560...]~>cat /usr/bin/clear
#       Copyright (c) 1984, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 AT&T
#         All Rights Reserved

#       The copyright notice above does not evidence any
#       actual or intended publication of such source code.

#ident  "@(#)clear.sh   1.8     96/10/14 SMI"   /* SVr4.0 1.3   */
#       Copyright (c) 1987, 1988 Microsoft Corporation
#         All Rights Reserved

#       This Module contains Proprietary Information of Microsoft
#       Corporation and should be treated as Confidential.

# clear the screen with terminfo.
# if an argument is given, print the clear string for that tty type

/usr/bin/tput ${1:+-T$1} clear 2> /dev/null

[erek at ...3560...]~>


'Nuff said.

Erek Adams

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