[Snort-users] Professionalism

Brian bmc at ...950...
Tue Nov 13 10:50:06 EST 2001

According to Joe Smith:
> To the administrators of SNORT,
> An excerpt from "classification.config" from the most
> recent snort rules download.
> config classification: kickass-porn,SCORE! Get the
> lotion!,1
> Regardless of your feelings towards porn, this is
> beyond unprofessional.  It is this kind of needless
> stupidity that makes it that much harder for real
> professionals and those they report to to take snort
> seriously.  I can tell you that, while I'm not female
> and am not personally offended by these remarks, I am
> professionally offended, and I've worked in
> environments in which comments as "SCORE! Get the
> lotion!" would be responded to with immediate
> dismissal.

Get a grip.  If you don't have fun with your job, then you should 
get a different job.

Snort is an open source project worked on by people that do it 
because they like it.  While we are working to build the best 
intrusion detection system available, we work on snort for fun.

Obviously you have never compiled perl, the linux kernel, anything 
from ADM, or any number of other open source projects.  Pokes and
prods are part of the game.  

We are trying to keep up with commercial IDS vendors that include 
porn signatures.  Since snort, and snort's signatures are open source, 
just change the tag line for kickass-porn to "Forward to HR for firing" 
if you wish.

Snort's porn signatures are NOT enabled by default, they are not ment
to be a be all end all method of finding people browsing porn.  These
signatures are  more to poke fun at vendors that include porn signatures 
by default.

Yeah, well, uh, just keep your Power Gloves off her, pal, huh?

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