[Snort-users] Requirements to run SNORT

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Tue Nov 13 07:04:02 EST 2001

I have snort (1.8.1) running on a P166, 48 megs RAM, ISA 10Mbit NIC (3Com?)
and Red Hat 7.1.  We are a small office network with a Class C subnet.
Snort does ok, but when I run SnortSnarf to analyze the alert log, it can
cause my system to crash, due to insufficient memory.  I end up having to
reboot once a week.  I've been keeping an eye out for all Red Hat updates
that come out, especially for the kernel. (using 2.4.9-12 for now)  If I
have time someday, I may contemplate moving down to Red Hat 7.0 and the
earlier kernel, it might be a better match for my hardware.  I'm a relative
Linux newbie, but I do ok.

Brendan Gray

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i'm planning to install SNORT in my linux server running redHat with 64MB of

RAM, 100baseT, 5Gb in size . Is this enough for collecting big amount of 
data for monitoring? what is the minimum requirement to run SNORT in the 
lniux system?


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