[Snort-users] Can snort read binary files from pipes?

Fermin Galan Marquez galan at ...3803...
Mon Nov 12 15:44:01 EST 2001

Hello everyone.

Can snort read files from a pipe? (I mean a 
simple UNIX pipe, i.e., 'mknod pipe p'). 
I have to process a bunch files, generated in
libpcap format each few seconds from a ATM link, 
and I would like to feed snort writting each 
file to such pipe, instead of re-start snort 
(with -r option) for each file and stop snort
when I want sending the suitable signal.

If it is not possible, I would like to know how
to modify the source code (which files and
functions I should focus, etc) to get this

It is very important to me to solve this problem. 
Please, help me! :)

Thanks in advance.

Fermin Galan
galan at ...3803...

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