[Snort-users] Good Gbit card for Snorting?

Tim Sailer sailer at ...2968...
Sun Nov 11 13:39:03 EST 2001

On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 03:50:18PM -0500, Abe L. Getchell wrote:
> Greetings!
> Has anyone run into a particular Gbit card which has worked well for
> them under Linux for Snorting?  I've searched on Google, as well as
> other resources, and can't really come up with anything except people
> sharing their bad experiences doing so. =)  I tend to lean towards
> Intel, as I've had good experiences in the past with their 10/100 cards,
> but I thought I'd check with ya'll to see what the collective community
> opinion was.

We've been using the Intel in production for about 3-4 weeks now with no
problems at all.


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