[Snort-users] Also new to Snort

Geoff Hirschi snowulf at ...2315...
Fri Nov 9 10:34:02 EST 2001


I am very new to Snort.  To compound my trouble, Snort is the first sniffer software I have ever tried to work with.

Primarily we are looking for a something that will give us real time indication of how our bandwidth is being used on our subnet.  In the documentation on the website and in the readme I saw several refrences to using Snort as a bandwidth monitor, but I was not able to find any instructions on how to use it that way.  I am perfectly willing and able to RTFM - but I cant seem to find the refrence in the FM that I need.  Can someone please point me to the starting point?  In case it matters, I am running the WindersNT version of Snort.


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