[Snort-users] Acid / MySQL question

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Another option :

Scenario : Multiple Sensors managed by different IT depts using a central
MySQL Server.

On the MySQL server, create a DB for each group of sensors within each dept.
Create a user account for each DB.
Setup sensors accordingly
Webserver uses virutal hosts..i.e 1 per dept and setup accordingly

Result : Each Dept now only has access to their Database



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> To be honest I'm not convinced of the benfifit of multiple
> user accounts for MySQL - you can't do row level permissions
> so you don't really gain anything.  Perhaps if you where
> doing stuff with oracle then it would make sense.
> If you wanted to be really paranoid you could tie the
> permissions down even more - perhaps limiting select to only
> those tables/columns that are really necissary.
> However, if you dont want to have to redo the permissions
> list every time a database code change accesses another
> column then provided that you restict operations to select
> and insert then its not possible to delete or overwrite data
> and thats probably good enough.
> All privs is bad as it includes the right to drop tables and
> may include process level privs (i.e. the ability to
> remotely shut down the MySQL instance).
> Tom
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