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Michael Steele michaels at ...155...
Thu Nov 8 11:16:05 EST 2001


Your configuration:
"snort -c C:\snort\snort.conf - l c:\snort\logs -i1"

Use this:
"snort -c C:\snort\snort.conf -l c:\snort\logs -i1"

Make sure you use the -W switch to configure the -I switch properly


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From: Uwe Hoppe [mailto:Uwe.Hoppe at ...4038...] 
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2001 12:08 AM
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Subject: snort -need help

hello, i am just testing snort on win98 but aI always get the following
error when I run "snort -c C:\snort\snort.conf - l c:\snort\logs -i1" as
described: error: c:snort\rules\shellcode.rules => bad priority setting
"shellcode- detect"
Tks beforehand Uwe
Find enclosed my conf-file

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