[Snort-users] Acid / MySQL question

Lance Spitzner lance at ...2024...
Thu Nov 8 07:57:06 EST 2001

Okay, I'm going over the MySQL manual and my head is ready
to explode, I be database ignorant.  Question.

  "How do I create seperate mysql accounts for each
   one of my Snort sensors feeding data to the ACID

I have 5 remote Snort sensors I want to feed data to my
backend ACID/MySQL database.  To do this, I have to add
the mysql user account and password to each snort.conf file
so each Snort sensor can send alerts to the database.

output database: log, mysql, user=root password=test dbname=db host=localhost

For security reasons, I want each sensor to have a unique
user account and password on the mysql database.  I feel user
root is a bad thing, as this is full privalleges on the mysql
database.  So what is the >mysql command systax to add seperate
users and passwords so each sensor has privalleges to add data to
the snort database?


Lance Spitzner

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