[Snort-users] Which Version is best

Joe McAlerney joey at ...47...
Wed Nov 7 09:41:05 EST 2001

Hello Kenny,

Flexresp allows Snort to close connections that match the criteria in a
rule.  Take a look at the README.FLEXRESP file for more information.

Those packages are one and the same.  Support for MySQL is compiled in,
but the entire MySQL program is not included.


-Joe M.

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> "Wells, Kenneth L" wrote:
> What is flexresp and what does it do?
> What is the difference between these two packages?
> Description Snort 1.8.2 + MySQL support.
> Description Snort 1.8.2 with MySQL compiled in.
> If my machine has MySQL on it already, do I need one of the above
> packages or just the regualr snort package?
> I want to run Snort with it loggin to the MySQL datbase, should I gop
> with snort only version and use the mysql that I have already
> installed?
> Kenny

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